Depth psychology and mathematics

Mar 7, 2009 3 min.

I was born in 1952 in Alkmaar. In 1970 I started to study mathematics and physics. I took my doctor’s degree in theoretical physics at the University of Amsterdam. In 1984 I left this academic specialty in order to concentrate on the relationship of modern physics and depth psychology. For some time I worked as a science journalist. For ten years after 1985 I got grants from the Free University Amsterdam. First I did research into the god-images present in the debate around nuclear armament. Next the Free University asked me to start an investigation into the relationship of modern physics and religion.


Mar 7, 2009 10 min.

When I started to study physics, mathematics and astronomy, I was only seventeen years old and a great admirer of Albert Einstein, the man who created relativity theory. But after three months of study I got interested in Jungian psychology. What in particular impressed me was the vision of the “world clock” published by Carl Gustav Jung in Psychology and Alchemy. Through that vision I learnt that physics alone would never lead me to the secret of the cosmos. I understood that dreams and visions constitute a more personal way of getting into contact with the mysterious centre where the Self and the cosmos meet.