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  • The Liberation of the Netherlands

    Judith Moore and I were visiting on my 55th birthday. She brought in information from the Council of Light of the Elohim about the Netherlands.  I feel it is relevant to the situation now. The Councils of Light said: ‘The existing energy structures in the Netherlands are devastating to the future of this planet and humanity. […]

  • The Rainbow Bridge

    The year 2008 has been a turning point for humanity. We had crossed the paradigm threshold. That became in particular clear through the election of Barack Obama. Shortly after his inauguration on January 20 as president of the US, Judith Moore received a transmission in which it was stated that the Awakeners now formed a rainbow bridge between the third dimension of suffering and the fifth dimension of grace: ‘For you are this soul group, the Bringers of the Dawn. You are already manifesting a fifth-dimensional hologram in your field moment by moment. It is your heart that connects you to the old paradigm and it must connect you to the old paradigm. Do not leave it behind. Do not turn your back as they did at Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • The Power of the Living Grail

    Judith Moore: The Grail is the Key, the Cosmic Key encoded in the Earth by the God Force. This encodement is primed for Genesis. Just as the DNA of new life is encoded for Genesis, the Earth is encoded in the same bio organic force of Creation. The DNA of the planet is specific because it is the Sophia of the Key. Sophia is the Cosmic Key that opens Galactic planes to synergize cosmic forces with Galactic source and Source Creation. The Grail is the heart of the consciousness of One. By the nature of the Creation of humanity, the Grail is essential God particle in the cosmic dynamics of human DNA. The Grail is physical and non-physical.

  • Transformation of All Suffering

    According to the transmissions of Judith Moore there were two tombs involved in the process of the resurrection of the Christ. One belonged to Joseph of Arimathea and the other one was the tomb of Lazarus in Bethany: ‘Jesus was placed in the grave of Joseph of Arimathea.  Later that night, Joseph came with Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Peter, Judas and Lazarus. And the stone was moved aside. Peter stepped into the tomb and he lifted the lifeless body of his teacher, removing the shroud of the suffering. In the doorway of the tomb stood Judas who had agreed to betray him that this could happen. He held a white shroud, the shroud of life. And the lifeless body of our Lord was placed in the arms of Judas, the white shroud wrapped around him and he was passed through the doorway of the tomb.

  • The Transformation of the Human Heart

    Archangel Michael with a message of hope through Judith Moore: ‘The Celestial Plane is open to a new energy relationship with the Earth that enhances the ability for angels to be received by multitudes of humans to increase the angelic guidance for humans because there the requirement for faith at this time. Multitudes of angels have descended into the Earth plane and from the Celestial plane. There are vibrations of love sent to the Earth now as the Celestial plane is participating consciously with Earth’s transition and the stability that is necessary for the integration of a new light on Earth. Certainly chaos is effective in disturbing old paradigm energies. But there must be a feeling of assurance for the challenges that humanity faces on every level particularly the core energetic level.

  • The Epiphany of Light of 11-11-11

    In order to understand this message by Mother Mary you should accept that on November 11, 2011 there has been an epiphany of the highest consciousness in the cosmos, an epiphany of the 13th Sun. The House of David or House of God is comprised of twelve Suns or Solar Houses that circumvent the Great Central Sun. The 13th Solar Temple or 13th Sun is the crystalline center of the Great Central Sun. During a period of twelve days starting on October 30, 2011, Judith Moore received twelve Solar Principles, connected with the twelve Solar Houses around the Central Sun. The gift of the 13th Solar House on 11-11-11 was the unified field. On 11-11-11 she heard the words:  ‘This day the Light comes upon the Earth. It is Light of the 13th Sun.

  • The Golden Covenant of the New Jerusalem

    The power of the Living Grail

    Judith Moore visited the crop circle area of Southern England in July 2010.  When her transmissions on crop circles were transcribed by Sean Sands, it turned out that one of the crop circles contained energetically the thirteen Books of the Golden Covenant of the New Jerusalem. I recognize the design of the crop circle as a tesseract, as the projection of a four-dimensional cube. But what really interests me is the message by Mary Magdalene related to the crop circle. It says that the power of the Living Grail has been revealed.

  • The Feminine Christ

    In October 2001 I found a book by peace troubadour James F. Twyman entitled The Secret of the Beloved Disciple. Even before reading it I had a dream in which I had an unknown destiny and I was walking with an urn through unknown territory. Finally I arrived at the house of a peace troubadour. The dream marked the beginning of my spiritual awakening. When I started to read Twyman’s book I was touched by the messages that he reported to have received from Mother Mary. If these were true, she had told him in March 1997 that there are two manifestations of the Christ energy, one masculine, the other feminine. The new world would be a shifting of poles. After two thousand years during which the masculine Christ stood central in the public attention, we would open ourselves to the feminine nature of God: ‘It is time for the reemergence of the Feminine Christ, the compassion of God which has always been present in the world but which has slept beneath the blanket of illusion.’

  • The true cup of the Grail

    In August 2013 I completed a manuscript based on the transmissions of Judith Moore. It is entitled Creation, Union and the Feminine Christ. When it will appear I do not know. This manuscript contains some transmissions on crop circles published before in The Language of Crop Circles, now out of print. Johan Keijser is the co-author of this book. He devoted the last years of his life to the Holland Crop Circle Project that was dedicated to the cosmic meaning of crop circles from Europe and North America. Johan Keijser was a dear friend of Judith who inspired her with his dedication to the messages from the Arcturian Crop Circle Makers.  Johan crossed on September 3, 2009.  He was still able to edit in Dutch a book about crop circles up to the year 2008.  In a deeper sense his work was dedicated to the Holy Grail being the blueprint for the New Creation. Judith and I thank the heirs of Johan for their permission to publish parts of The Language of Crop Circles.