Categorie: Crop circles

  • The Rose Window Crop Formation

    Since Bert Janssen had a whole story around the Lady of Guadalupe that involved the crop formation of August 12, 2009, I included a picture of it, when Judith Moore asked me which crop circles of 2009 had been important. On February 12, 2011 I received five transmissions related to crop circles of 2009. There was a report attached from Stuart Dike, director and photographer of the Crop Circle Connector, who had written about his amazement when he had entered the crop circle that had appeared at Wayland’s Smithy:

  • The Buddha of Compassion

    Lord Sananda is the source of the Christ vibration of compassion. He spoke through Judith Moore: ‘Today is July 20, 2009. The Ascended Masters hold Earth’s ascension pathway. There are three powerful cosmic rays moving into the Earth’s energy field at different angles and from different parts of cosmic consciousness, which is the mind of master form. The Earth experienced these rays before at the end of the age of the dinosaurs. Two of the rays enter through the crown of Silbury Hill in Avebury, Wiltshire UK. These two rays form a triangle as they move through the Earth. The third intersects the two on the other side of the planet. The cosmic force of these rays is unprecedented with a vibration that has already begun to affect your ionic balance. Through the ray of the Seventh Ray of Sananda, you are capable of supporting the Earth through what is about to occur.

  • The Rainbow Bridge

    The year 2008 has been a turning point for humanity. We had crossed the paradigm threshold. That became in particular clear through the election of Barack Obama. Shortly after his inauguration on January 20 as president of the US, Judith Moore received a transmission in which it was stated that the Awakeners now formed a rainbow bridge between the third dimension of suffering and the fifth dimension of grace: ‘For you are this soul group, the Bringers of the Dawn. You are already manifesting a fifth-dimensional hologram in your field moment by moment. It is your heart that connects you to the old paradigm and it must connect you to the old paradigm. Do not leave it behind. Do not turn your back as they did at Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • Return of the Morning Star

    Initiating the 2013 Eagle Count Time Spell

    Laiolin through Judith Moore: ‘The formulas in this crop circle are the time frequencies of the new 2013 Galactic Time Spell of the New Calendar of Creation. The old 2012 Calendar system is ending. This crop circle contains the Galactic Time Codes that enter the Earth holographic fields as resonant time frequencies of rhythms from Galactic Source, Source Creation. The nine circles, in this system, are the planets in your solar system. Venus is seen with the crescent Moon at the top of the formation. This means that she is the cosmic messenger. Through her the time codes of the new Galactic Time Spell are received.