The Liberation of the Netherlands

Judith Moore and I were visiting on my 55th birthday. She brought in information from the Council of Light of the Elohim about the Netherlands.  I feel it is relevant to the situation now. The Councils of Light said:

‘The existing energy structures in the Netherlands are devastating to the future of this planet and humanity. These same energy structures and the flow of energy between individuals and between communities and nations and ideologies, religious groups and philosophy groups are incompatible focusing on opinions that create limiting belief systems. These are energy patterns; they are not free form patterns and their energy structures, if allowed to continue especially here in a country where the destiny is ultimately to bring a whole new vibration of light onto the planet, limits the expansion of consciousness in the collective. If those thought forms and self-limiting belief systems are allowed to stay in place, they will severely impair the purpose of transformation to society as a whole.

Remember that your community of light is a microcosmic energy that is very powerful to the collective. The individuals who have been chosen to be awakeners are the small percentage of populace on the planet. They must have the power to alter the energy of the masses that is dependent on  a social order and that is doomed to collapse. The acceleration of society, as a whole, along with the acceleration of time, has created weaknesses in society that really relate back to mechanical nature of the intellectual mind that built a lot of this structure without regard to the heart, compassion and generosity. But rather having goals that are self-orientated towards meeting the needs of an individual and attaining possessions and material goods with a disregard to the good of the whole. Society as a whole has become top heavy and when the needs of the greater populace is not considered by the affluent then there will be a collapse of that social structure.’

Sarah and Hagar. Shalom/Salaam. By Abigail Sarah Bagraim.

With this message about the Netherlands, my relationship with Judith began in November 2007. Since then, many years have passed, and only now am I beginning to notice that the Council of Light has been right. The successive cabinets under Mark Rutte as prime minister lack compassion and generosity which has seriously damaged the confidence of people in politics. But that does not alter the fact that the Netherlands has a destination in the world. Occasionally it occurs to me to draw attention to this. In May 2014 I composed ‘my dream for our country’ in which I criticized the patriarchal image of God about whom Thé Lau had sung as follows: “The God of the Netherlands allows the mind to move freely, but the grip of his stern hand stops the wildest dreams.”

I decided to sketch the big picture and wrote: “We mourn the violence that is taking place in the Middle East. False gods have taken care of the Abraham/Ibrahim inheritance and have sown division among the peoples of the Book. We would like to ask Sarah and Hagar from the book of Genesis to come forward as Sisters of the Light and declare that their separation has been the greatest burden of their hearts. We would like to recall that Solomon’s first Temple stood on the spot where King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba celebrated the Living Covenant at the altar of the Beloved.

Solomon’s legacy moved to Ethiopia where the Lion of Judah eventually fell so that Bob Marley had to compose ‘Songs of Freedom’ in Jamaica. It is the voice of the Earth and of the Mothers that needs to be heard now. That voice comes to us from the African continent that has preserved the knowledge of the Feminine, of the Ark of the Covenant as Lady Zion. The Feminine will be restored and kissed awake from her deep sleep.’

Tigray girl. Wikimedia.

The only thing I didn’t know at the time was that the Queen of Sheba was a Lioness. Only a year later Judith, together with Irene Vollenhoven and Monique Willemsen, would go in search of that Lioness in Ethiopia. And there she was. The Queen of Sheba made herself heard in channeled message through Judith:

 ‘I am the Lioness and Solomon is the Lion. The Lioness is the Mother of the African lions. I was born as a Lioness Queen and from my lineage, from the ancient lineage is the womb of Mother Africa. And from the womb of Mother Africa all nations shall arise. My heart was given in love and received by Solomon to give birth to the lineage of the Lion Kings. The blood of the Lion and the Lioness runs strong in the veins of the people, as many branches of the Tree of Life of the twelve tribes, the twelve nations of the Lion, have extended into the heavens and has spread across the Earth…

There is not a place on this Earth that is not been touched by the branches of the Tree of Life and the Great Mother Africa. And my soul was born from her womb. I am of her womb. I am of her love. And I am the body of the people. From my womb the righteous shall be born and the Lion King shall rise forth from the heart of the sacred Tree of Life. And the Lioness shall stand beside him. For when the Lion and the Lioness rule together, there shall be righteousness, freedom, justice and liberation.’

My dream for our country is still the same, but I now know that the Lion of the Netherlands needs a Lioness next to him. And it seems that that Lioness has awakened. The extra allowances affair of the inland revenue was the beginning. It has opened our eyes. Cold policy that plunges many people into misfortune is now met with widespread resistance. In ‘Maria Magdalena. Profetes van het levende verbond’ (‘Mary Magdalene. Prophetess of the Living Covenant’), Judith has called such a resistance the passion of the Feminine Solar Lion that would develop into a mighty force of love: ‘It is a power that Joan of Arc yielded with the Sword of Christ Michael, that Judith yielded with the Sword of Christ Michael and this very sword shall be used to open the heart that has been locked. The heart principle that has been locked throughout the Ages.’

Herbert van Erkelens

19 February 2022


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  1. Irene vollenhoven avatar
    Irene vollenhoven

    So happy you reach out for All humanity to become conscious of our dire situation, once so full of Love and yet, Love always Is, no matter what we do or do not.. irene

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