The Rainbow Bridge

The year 2008 has been a turning point for humanity. We had crossed the paradigm threshold. That became in particular clear through the election of Barack Obama. Shortly after his inauguration on January 20 as president of the US, Judith Moore received a transmission in which it was stated that the Awakeners now formed a rainbow bridge between the third dimension of suffering and the fifth dimension of grace: ‘For you are this soul group, the Bringers of the Dawn. You are already manifesting a fifth-dimensional hologram in your field moment by moment. It is your heart that connects you to the old paradigm and it must connect you to the old paradigm. Do not leave it behind. Do not turn your back as they did at Sodom and Gomorrah.

At that time that action was necessary because that devastation would have consumed them. But now it is your heart that is the bridge, this rainbow bridge that must be sent back into the old paradigm as an invitation for others to cross and join you in the 5th dimensional world. But you cannot go back to the world the way it once was for you. You must know that your visionary sense must be focused on the Morning Star. Through the Morning Star and the Prophecies that you serve you may with full compassion send a ray of hope into those realms of suffering, that others may climb Jacob’s Ladder and join you. The ascension of souls that transpired on the 20th of January, 2009 is massive. Massive amounts of souls crossed the threshold simultaneously.

You may find that a part of yourself is still lost in the maze of the old paradigm. Know that this part of you serves the whole because when you find a part of you that is still lost in the old paradigm even though you are fifth-dimensional humans, that part of you is an anchoring point for your bridge of light, for the Rainbow Bridge that others may cross. Do not fear the part of you that still dwells in the maze and the chaos of old paradigm. Do not fear it. Do not feel that you must force it to change. For now this change is at hand it is the Force of Creation. It is the Force of God and the timing for your soul to know wholeness and be full present in the new paradigm. That timing is perfect and it is through this Rainbow Ray of Love that you may embrace the old paradigm without creating more separation or a desire to control the destiny that your soul has chosen on this archetypal journey of the illumination of the holy spirit. For the Holy Spirit has descended upon the Earth and as we have spoken as witnesses from the Golden Hoop of Light, there are millions, billions of spirits, souls and beings that have actualized a new potential in this threshold experience…

You are no longer sinking into a period of decline. Spirit is no longer being destroyed. Society is no longer collapsing. Simultaneous to every experience and parallel to every experience that would deteriorate the fabric of the collective paradigm, parallel to that experience is the mirror of actualization of a greater potential. That is the holographic nature that you have entered into. For every sorrow, there is a joy manifest 10 times. Do you hear us? For every sorrow there is a joy manifest 10 times. 10 times 10. When you witness human suffering, you are sending the Rainbow Bridge to that part of you that is suffering, still in the old paradigm. Because every soul that suffers in the old paradigm is a part of you. Send the Rainbow Bridge with the thought that for every sorrow there is a joy manifest 10 times 10. That each lost soul has 10 partners on the other side of the threshold. 10 people to encourage that lost soul to release its own fear, shame and guilt. Forgive itself and be forgiven and be encouraged to cross the Rainbow Bridge through the Threshold of Light into the New Birth of Peace.’ (Judith K. Moore, ‘Humanity Crosses the Paradigm Threshold’, January 25, 2009)

Crop formation at Clatford nr. Manton, May 4, 2009. Photo: Bert Janssen.

Laiolin is considered by Judith as her Higher Self in the thirteenth dimension. Laiolin spoke through Judith: ‘This crop circle formula is a message that awakens the Covenant of the Living Word. Humanity was given tablets that contained prophecy. Powerful vibrations of source energies emanated into the world consciousness through these tablets. They are the sacred text of the Living Covenant. The tablets are spoken of in many parts of the world. This crop circle is like a sacred tablet from the source of Oneness. The transmission is a declaration of Prophecy. Please know when the word ‘God’ is used it means the Infinite Oneness of the Totality of Creation, or the Great Mystery.

Mary Magdalene was a prophetess, and a secret messenger of the Living Covenant. She traveled in the UK, and worked with Joseph of Arimathea. They and the Brethren of Light of Avalon prepared the sacred Earth for the coming of the Great Light, the Light that comes to humanity now. She worked in the stone circles of Avebury and Stonehenge. She anointed temples of light that are to this day sacred sites and chapels in this region. Her light is still immortal and the vibration of her consciousness still felt by those who seek the greater mysteries. She speaks through this crop circle and the message of this transmission.’

Message from Mary Magdalene, the Cosmic Magdala:

‘All tablets that were sent to the four corners of the Earth and delivered to the Children of God shall be made one and given to the Temple in the House of God. It is the Temple of Light Eternal. They must return. They must return for the power and the grace to return. This is the Prophecy of the Living Word manifest in the coming of the Golden Jerusalem, in the coming of this Golden Age of Peace. This crop circle is a Golden Harmony of the Call of the Living Covenant. It is the Rose of Harmony. My Beloved sent me roses as messages to protect me when I dwelt in France. This crop circle is a Cosmic Rose. In the early days, it was a scarlet red rose brought by the hand of his messenger that caused me to flee France for my safety and that of our children.

There was, at the time of the calling of the Sacred Covenant, an agreement made between the Sons of Man and the Mind of God. A Covenant formed and, like liquid light, it flowed through the teachings of the Way. The golden light bubbles forth as an elixir of the soul from the Source of the Living God. It is a well spring of prophecy, flowing forth from the Covenant of Faith. This is the Union of Beloved, the Trinity of the God Source and the Union of my Lord and I. This soul experience awakens now as it is activated by cosmic forces, the same cosmic forces that aligned for the prophecy of the birth of my beloved Joshua ben Joseph Yahweh, Jesus the Christ.

The Great White Brotherhood Brethren of Light carried the Covenant to the four corners of the world. They were guided by the deep source of wisdom, which connects all messengers of the Way. The Great White Brotherhood is a society of light that is global; they are the mystics that listen to the guidance from the Divine Spirit. This is a Brethren not a male society, the Brethren are comprised of male and female prophets and visionaries. They gathered in many ancient mystical societies, forming a collective link with mankind and the Covenant.

They are not of one religion or region. They are a universal brotherhood guided by Melchizedek and the Ascended Masters. Each sacred society was given a doctrine, a teaching of the Way. They spread these teachings like seeds of the vine. These are the seeds of the teachings of the Way. They were guided from the source of Divine intuition and visions. The Essenes, the Templars and the Druids are such societies and there are others. They existed in all great civilizations of the world. Each society was given a gift from the golden elixir of wisdom flowing forth from the Living Word, the gospel of the Living Covenant. The societies became contaminated with the distortions of the ages, yet they carried powerful mysteries, gifts that will heal now. These societies fell from grace, but with the calling of the Covenant will rise up as a Brethren of Light guided by the Infinite Oneness, compassion and love.

Light symbol expressing the message of the Cosmic Magdala.

I call now the Covenant to return to the well spring, the well of the life, of the soul of eternal Oneness. You have taken the separate paths, the Time of the Calling reckons the time of your return to the original Source of God’s Wisdom. Throughout these long years, your temples have faded; the words have been diluted by the minds of those who would seek personal gain from the power of the Covenant. With wisdom you left keys, codes and messages that you may find your way home to the Covenant of Peace and Wisdom now. The heart of the pure, the power of the Living Word is still received because this power is so pure and strong, so holy and immaculate. It is Immortal Truth. Through these long dark nights of the souls, through the times of deception and betrayals, one light illuminant, radiant and Divine shone forth from the well spring of the Great Wisdom.

This is the power of the Living Word, which flows forth as a golden elixir from the union of our hearts and our souls. That which was given by the Mind of God as a pure covenant of faith and a holy devotion of love shall be restored and ascension in the spirit it was given in the nature it was received. The power of the Living Covenant is the ultimate authority of God’s Holy Will. It is the Universal Law of Oneness. The heart of the Covenant is the law of Love and ye shall love each other as you love me and I love thee.

It is not just the praise of God’s holy name that this Covenant is unsealed by. It is by the opening of the Heart of the Christ, the Beloved within each soul that allows the liquid light to flow from the heart of Creation through the heart of humanity. This is the union of the high mind of God and the high mind of humanity. This is the truth that my Beloved spoke of when he prophesied that the truth shall set you free. For this is the restoration of the Holy Word that all words spoken in the name of the Light be revealed to the light and the heart of the God Source.

This sacred word is not the dictation of patriarch; it is born from my womb, and fertilized by his seeds. It is the union of the Alpha and the Omega. The messages that flow to humanity now will be reliable, dependable guidance from the God Source of Love. There are none that shall desecrate these holy ways, as they sprout forth from the faith of the mustard seed. The Holy Word ultimately guides the Mind of Man to perfect union of the Beloved with the Mind of God. This is the guiding truth. This is the ultimate way and my master, my Beloved, spoke of. It is a language of the soul that is understood by all of humanity, it is Immortal Love.

He went forth spreading the seeds of the promise of the Living Covenant, as there were no limits to his body or time or space. He lives still; he is immortal as I AM. The power of the Immortal Word, so pure and filled with faith, it cannot be tainted by the delusion of greed. It is so pure and filled with love that it fills the coffers of the soul that lay barren in the wasted plains of dark nights. Thus lift up Children of Grace, lift up your hands and celebrate this Covenant for it is announced that all tablets are but one tablet, all keys one key. All the mystical tablets known to mankind came from one archive, from the Archives of Creation, the one source of truth that is the guiding light for all of mankind.

Learn to read well the words of others. Study their traditions and honor their wisdom.  They may be words you have not seen before seek them now. Seek to know the illumination of light, this Covenant of Truth that spreads across the globe. Embrace this truth and make it your precious own. By the Power and the Might and the Glory, all these holy words are manifest as Divine.

This message calls the Covenant home and all tablets that were sent to the four corners of the Earth and delivered to the Children of God. The Covenant shall be one temple in the House of God, the Temple of Light Eternal. The power of the ancient tablets must awaken and  be opened now. They must return for the power and the grace and the prophecy of the Living Word to be manifest in the coming of the Golden Jerusalem, in the coming of this Golden Age of Peace. I speak now from the heart of the Magdala, the Living Word. Amen, Amen, Amen.’

Judith K. Moore © 2009


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