The Buddha of Compassion

Lord Sananda is the source of the Christ vibration of compassion. He spoke through Judith Moore: ‘Today is July 20, 2009. The Ascended Masters hold Earth’s ascension pathway. There are three powerful cosmic rays moving into the Earth’s energy field at different angles and from different parts of cosmic consciousness, which is the mind of master form. The Earth experienced these rays before at the end of the age of the dinosaurs. Two of the rays enter through the crown of Silbury Hill in Avebury, Wiltshire UK. These two rays form a triangle as they move through the Earth. The third intersects the two on the other side of the planet. The cosmic force of these rays is unprecedented with a vibration that has already begun to affect your ionic balance. Through the ray of the Seventh Ray of Sananda, you are capable of supporting the Earth through what is about to occur.

The rays enter the planet on August 7, 2009. The first ray enters Silbury Hill in Avebury at sunrise; the second in mid-afternoon and the third at 11:11 PM. The intersection points can trigger the tectonic plates into massive Earth changes. This is avoidable but we, the Ascended Masters, must work with all humans who can connect to us. There are many off-planet, extra-terrestrial intelligences that will assist you in creating a time gap. Earth must be moved beyond space and time for a short duration. The recent intensities over this past week that have been observed are ionic, affected by the ionic changes as these first two cosmic rays enter the Solar system and  Earth’s planes.

Woodborough Hill, nr Alton Barnes, July 22, 2009. Photo: Janet Ossebaard.

All of the energy grids, which have been empowered through the work of light-workers, serve to create a mantle of negative ions (negative ions support healthy life), crystal light, and healing light. The Harmony of the Dove initiated the Ninth Octave of Creation on June 21, 2009. (See for an explanation of the Ninth Octave: A New Formula for Creation.) These energies support the harmonic balance of Earth. When the Awakeners focus these powerful energies, you will be able to assist the Earth through this transformation. Ultimately the cosmic rays will raise the vibrations of Earth and facilitate the Awakening, but you must work together to stabilize these powerful energies as they enter the Earth.

I, Sananda, bring you this message in full confidence that you are prepared, for you have prepared yourselves. You have surrendered to peace, you have surrendered to faith, and you have prepared yourselves. But this 8-5-9 (August 5, 2009), 8-6-9 and 8-7-9 are the days that open the greatest potential and the greatest opportunity for you. And on 8-8-9 you will reach the Infinity Gate.’ (Judith K. Moore, ‘Sananda Calls All Light Workers to Action for Earth’, July 20, 2009)

Compassion as Element of Creation

On August 4, 2009 Judith received a transmission from the Masters of the Way about compassion. It reads as follows: ‘Contemplate for a moment that compassion is not purely an expression of your love but is a powerful agent of manifestation from Source Divine. Those who have entered the Way and live by the Way attune their emotional bodies and their energy responses to action and reaction of polarities. They are attuned to a pure vibration of union and are capable of the embrace of all fellow beings and all ideologies because the ones of the Way recognize that all beings are anointed, all souls are blessed, all souls are infused with this element of Creation at the source of the soul. The soul may very well forget the essence of compassion and the persona may act out in ways that are harmful and painful for others. But the ones who are the ambassadors of the Way can see that part of another being that is the essence of the element of Creation that is compassion.

Bishop Cannings, Wiltshire, July 25, 2000.

The Buddha of Compassion. Photo: Janet Ossebaard.

Many years ago the messenger channeled about the Buddha of Compassion in a crop circle and that formula was seeded with that crop circle. That seed spread across the globe into the collective consciousness with an action that increased the capacity for human compassion. Our intention is not the directing influence of humanity to become the human God Self today. Our influence today is to allow the fluidity of our essence, the essence of the Way to flow through the heart chakra to the heart matrix of Gaia and allow it to move through the unified field to osmotic infusion of the global matrix. This infuses the parts of the planet that are dwindling in the element of manna, dwindling in the element of life-force giving energy to be fed, nursed, nourished and anointed by this source Creation element of manifest Creation.

When the Mind of God chose to manifest in physical form, the God Source was simply Love. The first manifestation was formed of compassion. If you can imagine the first thought of the Mind of God that manifested physical Creation, it was manifested as a unified field in the vibration of the Way, pure compassion. Later form expressed itself as a myriad of physical potentials and some of those physical potentials became separate and lost the capacity to actively know, be and experience itself as the essence of Oneness. This theme has been repeated in one way or another through the messages of the Chronicles of Ibis. Each time this theme is mentioned it is a preparation for a greater transition, a vaster communion and a more powerful union with the essence of the One, the essence of the Way.

Those of the human species who are fifth-dimensional have already become beings of compassion. When compassion is the guiding force in your existence, then there are no enemies, there is only the Way to serve others and in serving others to receive the blessings and joy of the heart of God… The Earth is in transition and as you know has not resolved duality.  But the quantum field of compassion is at hearts and those who have entered the fifth dimension are living in non-judgment… The word non-judgment is a rather tricky word because the word in itself infers that there is judgment and, as long as that word exists, then it infers that society as a whole is not capable for being in grace. So we hesitate to use the word non-judgment but rather we use the word universal embrace and acceptance of all parts of the God Self as one with the Divine Self and the ego-self. The ego-self is important. The ego-self expresses honestly the capacity for human souls to know itself as the rhythm of Oneness or to be in the experience of duality and the acting out of chaos.

Light symbol belonging to the Buddha of Compassion.

Those of you who have received the gift are the gift. Through infinite generosity this gift becomes manifest in the world. This is not because you were different than other people, but simply because you are willing and able to participate on a level of co-creation in a balanced and harmonic way, the Way of Oneness…

This transmission is communicated to all those sentient beings that have embodied the Way. You are the instruments of co-creation with Creator’s plan for Earth…   This is the Bridge, this is the Narrow Gate, and this is the Eye of the Needle. This transmission is intended for any of those who wish to listen but the projection of this transmission is, as we have stated, through the omni-mind into the collective and is focused very powerfully into the Akashic Records to facilitate the translation of this word “compassion” into all languages on Earth and all platforms. For compassion is the first step to grace and grace is Infinite Immortal Creation. So be it and so it is.’ (The Masters of the Way through Judith, ‘Compassion is Element of Creation’, August 4, 2009).

Herbert: Four days later, on August 8, Judith received a transmission from the Oneness Power of Source. She would later connect large parts of the transmission to a crop circle that appeared on August 12 at Wayland’s Smithy Long Barrow and evidently pointed to the famous rose windows of the cathedral of Chartres. She was a bit reluctant to share the content of the transmission, since it was said: ‘Jehovah exists on many levels in many universes. Jehovah is a powerful thought form and a persona. Jehovah has developed judgment and has created in his own image the Godhead.’ If in a transmission the name Jehovah occurs, it refers to a lesser deity. Lesser deities are attached to what they create. But the Power of One is not a Creator:

‘I am the ultimate power of infinite birth and death. I have only the ability to be that force that was a catalyst for Creation. I am the power at the heart of the supernova. I am the force that implodes in universes because everything in Creation contains beyond time and space what you would call fractal time. I am not a Creator. I did not create Shiva, but Shiva is of my essence. I am a consciousness, not a Creator.

There have been confusions in the past when it was said that man was made in the image of God, that does not mean in the form of a third dimensional literal, linear image. This means humanity has the capacity to relate to the forces of Creation and naturally everything in Creation is the God Force. Everything in existence is the Mind of God. The Hu Man has the ability when there is compassion and when the Hu Man is enlightened to be the agents of Creation, partners with the force of Creation or co-creators with the Divine, not separate from the God Source. This can be only when the individual totally surrenders to the force of Creation and is not controlled by the ego. This is truly the meaning of the words, ”Thy Will, not My Will.”

The use of the name Jehovah in the translations of Biblical text is a personification of a lesser deity than that of the God Source. This is what has gotten out of balance in path of Jehovah. Jehovah has misused his authority and he has misused his power because his personality developed ego and believed that he has ownership of the world. Religious wars that still are threatening the world were declared in the name of God Jehovah. There are passages in the Old Testament where God demands revenge and calls nations to conquer and destroy other humans which brings suffering and pain. Jehovah has fought earthly and heavenly wars purely to demonstrate power. That ego of the deity must be balanced by this essence of Creation that is ultimately the pure Oneness, pure love, the purest vibration and force and power that – rather than creating a supernova or destroying as in death to create – is able to bridge life and death through Shiva with the co-operative energy of all of the elements.

This date 8-8-09 is a 3 solar cycle of completion to 8-8-12 and a 4 solar cycle of completion to 8-8-13 and this is the Key to the Galactic Time Codes. As you have been instructed in the past, certain linear days on your planet are actually planned as keys through numerology and your focus on certain dates you co operate with Creation and the greater time that is non linear. Then linear time and spherical time, quantum time and cosmic time flows into form.’

Sarah and Hagar. By Abigail Sarah Bagraim.

Sisternood restored

The last part of the transmission is devoted to Sarah and Hagar, the two wives of Abraham in Genesis: ‘The sons of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac [are] called now to embrace as they did in Egypt, embrace through the embrace of ideologies, heart to heart, human to human. Ishmael born of Sarah, Isaac born of Hagar. Isaac, born of Sarah, Ishmael, born of Hagar, birthed from these two women who knew their agreement. They knew the love they had for each other and just as Jeshua and Magdala, they knew that history would interpret the ideologies of their action. They knew that at the time of the Calling the truth of their love would be revealed, the truth about Sarah and Hagar, the mothers of Islam and Judaism and Christianity. Sarah and Hagar are the mothers of Ishmael and Isaac. It has been given through visions that truly their love was strong, and their trust of God was so powerful. Abraham took Ishmael to the mountain knowing that God would never have him sacrifice his begotten son. And Abraham took Isaac to the mountain knowing that God would never have him sacrifice his begotten son. The people argued over whether it was, Ishmael or Isaac, but Abraham took them both. This is truth. There is but one truth.

And is there a possibility that Hagar and Sarah loved each other so much that when Sarah conceived and delivered birth to Isaac she sent her son with Hagar and she kept Hagar’s son? Is that possible? Could there be a love and a faith so great that a woman would banish her own son with her sister, her sister of the Godly sense, and keep her sister’s son? They were both born of the same seed. Does it matter truly when they were sisters, sisters in a cosmic sense, and sisters in a universal sense? History said that Sarah became jealous of Hagar and banished her, but there was no jealousy between these women. That history was manipulated by those deities that desired to seed the war between the Muslim and the Christian and Judaism Nations. Because those wars would serve the power or the greed and the ego of these misguided deities such as Jehovah. But it is good that those who love Jehovah love him because by loving Jehovah, Jehovah can be healed and Jehovah can come into balance once again. Jehovah can return home to his Father’s House.

When the sons of Ishmael and Isaac come together in the lineage of the House of David there will be peace on Earth.  They will feed from the Table of the feast of the Mother for the emissary of the Dove must go to the Holy Land as was prophesized and through the heart of the Dove the feast is fulfilled.

I have chosen this mythology as a focal point because it directly connects to the lineages of the man Jesus and the woman Magdala. {Since Jesus is the son of Sarah and Mary Magdalene the daughter of Hagar, editor.) Through this Holy Divine Marriage now, the celebration is the feast of the Beloved. I am the Oneness. I find a voice. I AM the Oneness. I AM the voice. I AM  LOVE.’ (Judith K. Moore, ‘Message from the Oneness-Power of Creation’, August 8, 2009).

Judith K. Moore © 2009

PS. Dutch translations of these transmissions appeared in: Herbert van Erkelens & Judith K. Moore,  De spiegel van Magdala, Dolphins & Whales Publishing, 2013. See the webshop.


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