Transformation of All Suffering

According to the transmissions of Judith Moore there were two tombs involved in the process of the resurrection of the Christ. One belonged to Joseph of Arimathea and the other one was the tomb of Lazarus in Bethany: ‘Jesus was placed in the grave of Joseph of Arimathea.  Later that night, Joseph came with Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Peter, Judas and Lazarus. And the stone was moved aside. Peter stepped into the tomb and he lifted the lifeless body of his teacher, removing the shroud of the suffering. In the doorway of the tomb stood Judas who had agreed to betray him that this could happen. He held a white shroud, the shroud of life. And the lifeless body of our Lord was placed in the arms of Judas, the white shroud wrapped around him and he was passed through the doorway of the tomb.

Mary Magdalene was kneeling at the foot of the tomb in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, weeping as Judas handed the body of her beloved, lifeless to Lazarus to Joseph of Arimathea. Next he was brought to a secret mausoleum and later entombed with Mary Magdalene in the tomb of Lazarus. And she wept and wept. Then his wounds came upon her and were lifted from him as she bore the first stigmata in the tomb of Lazarus. When he was whole, she went to his crown and God Creator brought the winds, the breath of life, through her to the crown.  To the crown of Jeshua ben Joseph Yahweh and he awakened… And he spoke to her and held her there in the tomb and they embraced together.


Mary Magdalene by Jan van Scorel. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

A day later Mary Magdalene told the events from her point of view: ‘We looked at each other and we said, we came here by faith, not knowing, not knowing that as humans this would be possible… And I spoke to my Lord and I said unto him, we have been given this gift for all of mankind, Beloved one, it is the seed of God within the human mind, spirit, body and soul that has been revealed to us as humans now. In the early days of the Garden of Gethsemane, I asked my God why would my Beloved make this journey as merely a man and I, as a woman, when his divinity has been demonstrated as Omni powerful… Now I know we made this journey for the sake of humanity, to restore the soul and the light of the world. It is by the invocation of light invoked here as instruments of the One Living God I AM, that the doorway of ascension opened for mankind.

_ _

He touched my face so gently then. Tears were streaming down my face and he wiped the tears from my face and he kissed me and he kissed the tears.  And he said you must remember this moment, my Mag Da Ha Da Ma Ha Da Yahweh. [Mag Da Ha is her secret name replacing Magdala.] You must know. You will see the peace come in the eyes of the people as they gather in the Community of the Beloved, as they celebrate this love, this love which is the union of Oneness, this promise of the liberation of light upon this world. And there will be dark times come upon the people but they shall persevere as we have, until the time of the coming of the Christ of Peace. And they will openly meet, remembering the promise, remembering the truth and the glory of this love. This love that goes beyond any reckoning.  This love that has the power to heal life.

_ _

We were silent, knowing the darkness of the times that shrouded that tomb. We sat in silence but the darkness did not overwhelm us. For this tomb had become the womb of life, no longer the tomb of death but the way through.

_ _

I became the light, there in the tomb of my brother’s return from the land of death, this place where my brother went. My Lazarus, my Lazarus, did not just journey to the place of the death of the body. He journeyed to the place of the death of the soul, when the soul loses all light and becomes destitute. My brother returned immortal with the knowledge that we were born as humans immaculate. That was also my experience.  My memory was restored.  First I was consumed with the fear of death. But as my Beloved found me, I became the light, I became the Living Grail. That moment eternal, infinite light filled my living body. And I said: Beloved, we must share the peace in community. For this way is the promise of infinite eternal Oneness that must be fulfilled by the Covenant of the Beloved.

_ _

He spoke to me then that the Community of the Beloved must gather.  This light must be given.  It is an immaculate way of infinite peace.  __This love from the tomb of death to the womb of life [must be known] that the Grail may be born in the world through the daughters and the sons of the light.  And you are the daughters and the sons of the light and you are the children of the Grail..’


Bearer of the Grail by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

In the same year 2011 Mary Magdalene referred to the events in the tomb when she gave the following message about the transformation of all suffering: ‘I Am the Dark Madonna, I Am the darkness of infinite creation, I Am the Black Isis. Within the tomb of your spirit lay the keys for the transfiguration of the death of your soul. You are immortal beings, and you have demonstrated your immortality. Cycle after cycle after cycle, you have returned, as the emissaries of the Christ must return to witness truth, to see and hear truth, to speak from your hearts the teachings of the Way. And the wounds of my beloved are the wounds of your emotional body. And as I have spoken, he has made this visible for you, the wounds of betrayal, the wounds of being denied and persecuted, the wounds of being unjustly condemned, the wounds that I am embodied when they stoned me with hatred.

In the tomb, I saw a vision. I was spoken to, and I received the message, and I have given this to you, Beloved ones. You are all aspects of the Beloved in the tomb. You are the Christ crucified. You are the sorrow of the mother, the wife, and the Beloved of yourself. You’re espoused to the Christ. And as Creator God spoke to me [in the tomb] that I shall embody the wounds, I do so now, Beloved ones. This pain is only temporary. This time of sorrow will pass. Know that the suffering seems to be endless when you’re suffering, or when you know someone who is suffering.

_ _

But there’s a time to emerge from the tomb, and to be whole, anointed and feast, to enter into the anointment of your spirit, to enter into the time of emergence from the tomb to the garden. And from the garden, the way is made clear for the ascension of all souls. Ultimately and infinitely, you are ascended beings. But you must find your way through this journey as must all incarnate souls on the Earth, as must the collective soul of humanity. But I am here with you. I weep for you. I draw the pain from your body, I draw the poisons from your lifeless spirit. Everywhere on the Earth, I am here, I am here, I am immortal. I am immortal. My spirit and my body has no limits. Space and time are not barriers to me. When you call my name, I will be with you. And even when you do not think of calling my name, I will be with you, for you have born a heavy cross, as many of you have known such suffering. But it is true, it is true, Beloved ones, your soul is light. You are moving towards the light. Earth is moving towards the light. Creation is blessed…

_ _

Know this, Beloved ones, the doorway of the tomb is open, the time for resurrection is at hand. When you weep, and you weep truly grieving the sorrow of your loved ones and the sorrow of the Earth, know that I am with you. I bring you to peace. I bring you to peace. For when you are at peace, as my Lord was, and you are experiencing such pain, the peace overwhelms you.  You become the peace.  And this is freedom.

_ _

Remember what my Lord said, I Am the Light and I Am the Way. And as ascended beings, you must breath this truth into the spirit and the source of your soul. Affirm this. I Am the Light, I Am the Way. The Lord is the Way,  He maketh me whole, restoreth my mind, body, spirit and soul. I Am the Light, I Am the Way, birthing this light of the golden day.

_ _

Blessed be.  So be it and so it is.

Judith K. Moore © 2011

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