The Transformation of the Human Heart

Archangel Michael with a message of hope through Judith Moore: ‘The Celestial Plane is open to a new energy relationship with the Earth that enhances the ability for angels to be received by multitudes of humans to increase the angelic guidance for humans because there the requirement for faith at this time. Multitudes of angels have descended into the Earth plane and from the Celestial plane. There are vibrations of love sent to the Earth now as the Celestial plane is participating consciously with Earth’s transition and the stability that is necessary for the integration of a new light on Earth. Certainly chaos is effective in disturbing old paradigm energies. But there must be a feeling of assurance for the challenges that humanity faces on every level particularly the core energetic level.

The energies on Earth right now are deeply affected by and connected to core energetic(s). Many individuals are coping with energetic overwhelm that scatters the mind and disorientates the capacity for the individual to feel that there is direction and stability. The stronger the heart and the faith is, the better the individual has to have coping skills for the emotional body. Because the emotional body is affected on a core level, humans are now asked to go deeper into the core energy of their emotional body and the emotional body of the collective, your soul group family or spouse.

The only way through this is with a connection to the heart and a capacity to let go and not to hold onto [a specific] energy. Those individuals, who were able to hold onto energy in the past, will find themselves in overwhelm. The key is to let the energies flow through you. There are many Celestial angels on Earth who encourage your spiritual growth and the capacity you have to truly be heart centered and truly, truly go deep into the core energy of your consciousness.

You will find yourself drawn to angelic relationships which seem to be and are mystical and purposeful and seem to appear out of nowhere. These individuals will touch you at a core level and most likely will not stay in your life. When you see this type of situation you will know that the angels are at work in your life. These meetings that are synchronistic but become very deep and affect you at core level, these are the angelic meetings.


Humans must begin to connect to each other, look into each other’s eyes, feel and dare to feel the deepest energy of their emotional being. This connection is essential for human evolution. Humans in a mechanized society distance themselves from each other and function in a casual way that does not permeate the deepest aspects of consciousness because most individuals have placed a wall around the deepest part of their emotional body for fear of being and emotional wounding. Humans must build new relationship patterns that are not based on wounding but are based on co creation, cooperative intelligence.

The Celestial Beings of Light know that man’s time has come upon the Earth and are eager to assist you with this shift. Even those of you who feel that you are more authentic in your relation with those you know, are being asked to go deeper, deeper, deeper into the source of the development of your thought forms that are relative to experiences of past lives. You developed habits and those habits have stayed with you, response deflection techniques and protective mechanisms for the big ego that has a belief system of inferiority and supremacy. These thought forms no longer are sustainable on the Earth plane.

From the heart must be opened to a new ideology for humanity and you, of the light, who are awakening the heart chakra of the world, you will be challenged on deeper levels. Superficial resolution of emotional dysfunction is not going to serve humanity and it is especially not going to serve you. If there is any way that you have created an illusion to protect weak ego, you will find yourself in the mirror. Around you, if you were to see and be able to see, would be 6 angels encouraging you to love yourself. By loving yourself, be generous with yourself and give yourself grace and thus you may go deeper into the levels of grace and forgiveness.

But the soul family has entered your life to mirror the deepest core issues, energies, of your persona, your emotional body and your consciousness. There must be a great catharsis on our part. Certainly many have predicted cataclysm of the Earth,. The cataclysm must now be now of the emotional body. The cataclysm must be core with earthquakes in your heart and thought forms that are not in balance with universal law but yet are fundamental in some aspect of your consciousness, lifting open with flooding of tears and movement of the emotional body, the cataclysmic way. This is a phenomena that will affect multitudes of humans, opening them to more emotional accessibility with each other. As has been stated, for every individual, there are at least six Celestial angels there to encourage you, to help draw relationships to you that you can grow in and to help you mirror the changes that must be made for wholeness to truly evolve in the human experience.


This time has intense implications and, for those of you who are more conscious, you will see dynamics in family and extended family and workplaces and social groups that seem to be very confusing and are apparently worsening. That is just part of the cataclysm of the emotional body that humans must experience to clear fields and create a space for new potential.

This is the time when focused love from your heart, rather than withdrawing in resentment is the way through and is the tool that is effective for you in all situations where you are concerned, anxious or overwhelmed. There are a few humans, who have made the shift and those of you who have shifted into a place of acceptance and grace, may channel vast amounts of heart energy to your fellow humans who are still working through the process or have not begun to work through the process. But in doing so, you will be a catalyst for this energy dynamic in the emotional body. You will find that you are not able to distance yourself from your grief, from your disappointment, from your sadness and from your sorrow. Coping mechanisms that once moved you to numb you, the energy on the planet permeates those fields and those coping mechanisms are less effective. Wake up and feel. Wake up and be ready to be human in a new way.

This message is given from the realm of Archangel Michael. This message is from Archangel Michael and Michael’s realm and contains angelic gifts. This message contains angelic gifts and in itself is a blessing and an encouragement, for you are loved by the angels. When you feel the pressure of this transition, know that there are six angels there to lift you up and call out to them for love. Open your heart to your celestial angels as they are pouring love upon you now, showering you with gratitude for your faith and willingness to embody the transition of humanity.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.’

Judith K. Moore © November 19, 2011


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