The Epiphany of Light of 11-11-11

In order to understand this message by Mother Mary you should accept that on November 11, 2011 there has been an epiphany of the highest consciousness in the cosmos, an epiphany of the 13th Sun. The House of David or House of God is comprised of twelve Suns or Solar Houses that circumvent the Great Central Sun. The 13th Solar Temple or 13th Sun is the crystalline center of the Great Central Sun. During a period of twelve days starting on October 30, 2011, Judith Moore received twelve Solar Principles, connected with the twelve Solar Houses around the Central Sun. The gift of the 13th Solar House on 11-11-11 was the unified field. On 11-11-11 she heard the words:  ‘This day the Light comes upon the Earth. It is Light of the 13th Sun.

The hologram of your physical reality may appear constant because your perceptual field allows that consistency, because it is necessary. Consistency is necessary for you to be orientated, to have a point of relevance that defines your existence in the physical reality. Yet on this day, these days of the Epiphany of Light, 11-11-11, 11-12-11 and 11-13-11, the hologram of Creation is the Living Hologram of Gaia, pure, pure Genesis vibration in the Galactic 13 Time Spell [or Mayan Factor], the fractals of light form themselves by the power of the forces of Creation into a Living Hologram, energized with the manna of Cosmic Oneness, radiant in the vibration of Love.

Celebrate love in every way you can. Open to your heart. Open your heart and allow it to fill you. Weep, weep, weep for your tears. Tears that you weep are the experience of the opening of the heart chakra of the world. Celebrate love. Embrace the Beloved. Truly, truly, you have entered the Bridal Chamber of the Golden Jerusalem. Blessed be the illumination of the Peace, the Light and the Way.’


Mother Mary Speaks of the Epiphany of Light of the 11-11-11

Mother Mary through Judith: ‘Blessed be the Children of Light, for thou art the Grace of Heaven. I AM Mother Mary, tantamount to the vibration of my blue cloak of light, for wherever you see me I AM there. Whenever you think of me, I live within you. I live within you because you are my children. You are the Children of Love. You are the Children of Truth. You are the Children of Faith. My son knew that you would come upon the Earth and truly in the knowing of this, in the knowing of this, he looked in the eyes of each of the community of faithful anointed ones, who accompanied him on this journey 2000 years ago, who accompanied his Bride and he looked in the eyes of his Beloved and he looked at the eyes of the people and truly his logical mind [hesitated], for he was also chosen to be human.

He looked at this small group of Essenes that, although adepts in the great mysteries, were seen to be small. But he knew the Essenes were located globally, he knew that. But even with that thought in mind, he knew that the sea of oppression would spill the blood of his people, the innocent ones of peace and this is the spirit that he demonstrated with his willingness to make visible the crucifixion of the Lambs of God. These lambs of God were these beings, the Inca’s, the Maya’s, the Aboriginals, the Celts, the Siberians, the Mongolian People and on and on and on. For wherever, one or more of them were gathered in His name, in the Father’s name, there is love. And he was more aware than what he spoke to people but he would speak to me, he would speak to me ‘Mother’ and he came to me and would call me Mother Mary: ‘Mother, I am but a man put upon this Earth as all men are but although my vision is vast, my mind is still wondering, Mother, how can a small handful of mustard seeds be planted through our consciousness and spread themselves like a vine and be prolific to bear such a harvest of fruit, that the Garden [of Eden] returns to Earth?’

And I spoke to him:  ‘Look for the day.’ And in those days of course I used Caldean formulas and Magi formulas and all those things that I do of the Gates in Time. For you  I will simply say, that I said to Him:  ‘Look to the dates 11-11-11, 11-12-11 and 11-13-11.’ In that moment he opened that field of vision to see you and this promise fulfilled. And this is the moment of courage when I met him following the Garden of Gethsemane. For Beloved Ones, in that moment, when he focused on you, when he saw you here on this Earth praying the prayers of Jubilation, this gave my son the courage to make the journey of faith that you have made now. To enter, now, the Aquarian Age. The Piscean Age has completed what it came to do and my son was the Lord of the Fishers, was he not? Thus shall be born unto the wombs of women, the sons of Man, the Aquarian Prince, the Aquarian Princess, the Beloved Aquarian Kings and Queens of Light that you are.

Blessed be.

I AM Mother Mary. I AM the Feminine Magi.’

Judith K. Moore © November 14, 2011


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